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Lightload Towels Extra Strength 3 Pack 12x24" .5 oz.

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Product Overview

Wow! That’s a towel? You got to be kidding me. A full-size beach towel that fits in your pocket, unbelievable!  Hand towels the size of half dollars. Come on, What’s the catch? There is none. Advances in material science have been pushing the boundaries as to what is possible and we’re riding that wave to produce the smallest, lightest most energy efficient towels all with travelers in mind. We’re the originals with over twenty years doing this. Lightload Towels, however, only remain small until you decide to open one. Add water or start wiping water off you then behold, they unfold to a supersize reusable towel. On the other hand, our waterproof round and water-resistant square shape cute packaging, makes you want to keep them packed until you absolutely need them. Oh, and they absorb like a sponge, much more than any other towel material, wick water from your body for cool and heat and quick dry. There’s more to make this purchase worthwhile. Lightload Towels can be used as first aid, static electricity insulation, tinder, padding, a mask and more. Lightload Towels come in three sizes: beach size 30x60” 4.5oz, hand size three pack 12x24” .5oz and Hand size two pack and display box 12x12”.2oz.

     Features :

  • COMPRESSED FOR EASY STORAGE, REUSABLE AND LIGHT WEIGHT FOR TRAVEL: If you spend a lot of time on the go, traveling; hiking and camping, saving weight and space in your travel bag, backpack, camping or hiking gear matters. Our hand towel is so light weight at .5oz. We vacuum pack it into mini cubes which space saves for other packables, like food, water and survival gear. It can also be used over and over to clean, wipe and dry.
  • SOOTHING ON SKIN: Even the best hikers and backpackers have emergencies. That’s why a Lightload multipurpose towel is a must to prepare. It’s compressed so forget about it until you open to a clean dry cloth. It’s a bio-based fabric made from plants and wood and can be a cure all for many emergencies. Many of earth’s medicines and remedies come from plants and wood. I’ve personally soothed excruciating nettle stings with just applying the dry cloth to the pain.
  • MULTIUSE: Lightload Towels were created as a cleaning towel for long distance hiker’s personal care. In time we found they offered more. They are great for first aid as bandages, emergency care as blankets, tactical gear as fire starters, Protective gear for static electricity, and remedies for skin irritations. They store easily in your backpack and luggage also in survival bags and bug out kits, Hunters, fishermen, boy scouts, golfers, cyclists, preppers, gym goers all use the towels.
  • SUPERB PERSONAL CARE MAGIC TOWEL: Our towels are made of award winning Lyocell It’s not microfiber but derived from sustainable wood and plant scraps that are breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and burnable. Our camp towels are a wash cloth or a wipe, always clean, fresh in the package and fast drying. A water resistant layer was added to the package so you so you can quick dry in wet weather. Wash the cloth? Just pack in a pocket or mesh camp bag, throw in the machine and clean.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT QUICK DRY & HYGIENIC: Lightload Towels have superb water management properties. These Swim towels absorb more than 9.5 times their weight. Cotton and Microfiber towels don’t come close to this feat. It’s also the excellent water management that keeps the towels naturally antibacterial, as the water wicking moves the bacteria away from harming you. The towels water wicking breathability also keeps the skin cool in warm and warm in cool weather.

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(13 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Excellent travel towels!

    Posted by crengueton on 11th Jun 2018

    May 19, 2017 Perfect for traveling to Europe! Can be a small towel and/or washcloth, dries quickly, and can be reused a few times if careful! I took 3 of these for a 2-week trip (in one small carry-on bag) and used each one for about 4-5 days as a washcloth, and had to use one for a towel in a pinch - they wring out almost dry and weigh next-to-nothing. So handy! Great value!

  • 5
    love the small foot print in my carry bag and ...

    Posted by Danny S. Loveon on 11th Jun 2018

    April 24, 2018 I love the small foot print in my carry bag and the size and durablilty after you use it. I have only had to expand one so far and quality was good as expected and I have the other two in my carry bags and First aid bag.

  • 5
    Great to drop in your Camelbak for a good bike ride.

    Posted by Jay Bird on 11th Jun 2018

    August 1, 2017 Great "little" towels. I carry these in my CamelBak for mountain bike rides and they work very well. I use these mainly in an "emergency" situation where I may finish a ride and have mud all over my face or if I really just need to put cool water on my face after a ride on a hot day. Since these are reusable I will put them on a hanger to dry and take them with me on another ride. Even without being re compressed they don't take up much space. They are small and light enough to toss a couple into my pack in case someone I'm riding with needs a towel as well.

  • 5
    Tough, light, compact, and absorbent

    Posted by Adam E on 11th Jun 2018

    March 14, 2017 These are now my go-to towel for my ultralight backpacking kit. These extra strength towels are superior to the standard version, being just as soft, pliable and absorbent as the standards while adding some longevity to their use. I use 2 of these on my backpacking trips - 1 for wiping sweat from my face and for washing myself, and the other for my cooking pot and food cleanup. The standard towels wore through in 2 full days of use, but I can get up to 4 days use from these extra strength towels. They are so small and light when packaged that you will always have space for one of these in your pack. I also threw a couple of them in my truck glove box. I'll always have a way to clean up spills, or use them as a grease rag for my hands for those unforeseen side of the road repairs. Very handy.