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Pu-erh tea or Puer tea derives its name from the Peur Prefecture, a province in Yunnan that is now known as Puer County. Known for its ability to boost digestion and enhance metabolism, thus helping control weight, Pu-erh tea is one of the rarest teas that is a must-have in every tea connoisseur’s collection. Lightload tea is a high-quality Puer tea that boasts of a mellow and refined flavor and distinct characteristics that stay with you long after you’ve drank a cup.

Most teas do not so much age as they turn stale. But Puer tea is like fine wine. It improves with age. The leaves are processed in a special manner, which leads to microbial fermentation once they dry, which, in turn, allows them to age in a much more different way than any other tea out there. This results in a unique taste like no other.

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