Lightload Towels

Lightload Towels: The Best Quick Dry Towels For Backpacking

You will probably find very few backpacking and travel essentials that provide as much convenience and functionality as a Lightload towel. But wait! Before you go ahead and assume that our towel is just another microfiber camping or backpacking towel, you couldn’t be more wrong. Our towels are made from the finest lyocell, which is a thicker grade fabric, and are super absorbent, quick-dry, hygienic and incredibly soothing on the skin. Also, the reason why they are known as the best backpacking towels for backpacking or the best beach towels for travel is the fact that they are vacuum sealed into a tiny size, which fits easily into your travel-size toiletry bag.

Browse through our collection to take your pick from backpacking towels that are available in a wide variety of sizes and in packs of two, three, 12 and 50. They also make for the perfect gift for the hiking and camping enthusiast in your life.