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Puer Tea Real Leaf Ripe Post Fermented 5 Compressed 5gram Bricks .17oz. Sampler Box Lightload Tea

Lightload Tea

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Product Overview

Lightload Puer Tea is the only tea that fits in your wallet. It's compressed to make travel and storage easier and have the tea last longer. We have a wonderfully tasting high quality tea leaf specifically geared to the traveler and outdoor person. Lightload tea is a dark ripe fermented Pu er grown in the high mountains of Puer Prefecture, the oldest tea producing region in the world. Our sampler consists of five 5-gram(.17oz) tea bricks neatly compressed and stacked into a beautiful small gift box about 1/4 the size of supermarket tea boxes. The bricks are wrapped in a locally grown high quality paper that helps to enrich the breathability of the tea, preserve its freshness, and encourage the continued fermentation of the tea microorganisms. The tea itself is a black tea that's post fermented and continues to grow in flavor over time. It lasts indefinitely on the shelf, unlike the other teas like Oolong, Green and White that do have a shelf life. Each 5-gram (.17oz) brick makes up to a gallon of tea. Rinse the tea brick to get the natural smells emboldened, then brick off a piece or put the whole piece in boiling water steep for a few minutes and then drink either hot or cold. It’s known to help in weight loss, cholesterol, digestion sugar blood glucose and poisons.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review