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Beach Towels

Fantastic Value in an All-Around Beach Towel

Lightload Beach Towels are durable, multi-use, inexpensive, cheap beach towels! Easy to pack, easy to use, generously-sized beach towels for adults, smart beach towels for kids—why spend over $30 on a kids beach towel, when you can spend less than $10?

Make beach going a little more carefree with Lightload Beach Towels. A regular construction beach towel takes up a huge amount of room—you know, you've packed for the beach. And then on the trip home, you have a wet, smelly pile that takes up even more space. But with your Lightload Towel, you can leave the cumbersome mess behind.

A beach towel under $10 is already an amazing deal. How about a Lightload Beach Towel that's strong and light, super absorbent, highly wickable, and able to be wrung out to almost dry? That's an incredible price on a GREAT beach towel. Also easy to clean: a quick hand wash, then wring out and hang dry or wash gentle cycle, dry low. Whenever you need an outdoor towel, these are the best towels to have!

Have a beach party and give these out to your friends. You can even personalize them! They make a wonderful party favor for your child's birthday—these are beach towels kids LOVE.


The Ultimate Sauna and Shower Towel for the Gym

If you've tried carrying a large towel to the gym and found it too inconvenient—much too bulky, doesn't fit in your gym bag, and once wet it gets everything else wet—make THIS your gym and sports towel!

Unopened, it's the size of a hockey puck and great for packing. After use, it folds up to about greeting card size and the thickness of a washcloth, even though it's a huge 60x36" beach towel. And it's so light that when you wrap it around yourself and secure it, its weight doesn't drag or slide down your body as you walk but stays in place for coverage and security.

Absolutely perfect for the sauna. Fold to make a soft cushion that stays cool beneath you, or if you prefer enjoying your sauna modestly, you'll finally have a towel that's light enough you won't expire from heat stroke.


Luxury in a Practical Camping and Backpacking Towel!

When do you pack a full-size towel, much less a BEACH towel, for camping? If you're carrying a pack, they're way too thick and heavy. Even comparable size specially-designed backpack and camp towels weigh nearly a pound compared to our 4.5 oz super-light beach towels!

With a Lightload Beach Towel, you have efficient, smart utility AND luxury. Light and able to absorb nine times its weight in water, with so many practical survival aspects a larger towel can offer. Why not be comfortable? You'll be a HAPPY CAMPER with this camp towel!

Fold it into a pillow or use it as a blanket alone or to supplement your blanket or sleeping bag's warmth and comfort. Line your kayak and stay warmer and drier! It's durable and strong—great to transport or protect items. Convenient as a picnic tablecloth. Wear it as a shawl or a hood to prevent sunburn or to keep you warm when it's cold. It'll dry you fast after a quick river dip—no more drying a few parts at a time!

Flexibility and comfort, emergency aid, survival help, wonderful utility. You will never stop finding uses for these excellent outdoor towels. You will be patting yourself on the back for packing them.

Wholesale beach towels available, as well as wholesale towels in utility and hand towel sizes at Equip yourself with the ultimate outdoor and travel towels: Lightload Towels!