Hand Towels

The Essential Outdoors and hand Towel

Lightload 12x24" Hand Towels and 12x12" Utility Towels make life easier for you! Utilize them when you're out following what you adore: camping, fishing, backpacking, cycling, golfing, working up a sweat at the gym—or in the spa. Each action where a fresh, exceptionally absorbent, disposable outdoor towel helps you out!

Be Prepared with Lightload Towels

And the world renowned Lightload Towels are the only towels that are survival tools: additionally  wiping up anything and EVERYTHING, they're great as a fire starter, first aid cloth and bandage, diaper, insulator, mask, cold pack (when frozen wet), and more! However the foremost thing you'll get: THIS is the outdoor towel that creates your adventures outdoors a little smoother, a little more relaxed—you're out there to relax, true?

And have you ever been in a condition where your towel was too filthy to be handy, however you still required it? Or you had a first aid situation that required a fresh towel, not something just "sort of" fresh? This is where amazingly small-packaged multiple towels turn out to be essential. You can constantly wash them when you get back home for constant use—they still pack down compactly. For the most durability, clean with bit soap and a quick wringing out, or pop a few in a net laundry bag and wash tender cycle (dry on low or hang dry). With a little care, they last quite a while, even months, and you're forever ready for any hand hygiene, gear cleanup, or other outdoor towel, on the move needs.

The Best Utility at the Best Price

Why these are the best towels for the job—whatsoever the job? As they're totally adaptable to your requirements, incredibly useful, and at a jaw-dropping reasonable—let's just say it, CHEAP PRICE! But their worth is anything but cheap. Made of 100% viscose, Lightload Towels are more absorbent than cotton or microfiber in an ultra-lightweight fabric! The highly wickable stuff keeps you cool and dry in the heat and WARM and dry in the cold.

Get terrific wholesale towels at www.ultralighttowels.com, and prepare yourself with the perfect, versatile indoor and outdoor towels today!

With weight and size now a major concern for everyone on the go, behold, Lightload Towels provide the perfect solution. Our full sized beach towels are packaged to fit easily in a pants pocket and weigh only 5 oz. Hold a bunch of our smaller size towels in your hand and still have room for keys and money.

Absorb more and dry quicker than cotton and microfiber

Handle easier when wet

Weigh less when wet

Are soft against the skin

Provide insulation against the heat and cold

Act as great survival tools

These are by far the best towels for you.

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