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Hiking Essentials: 3 Most Important Things You Should Carry On a Day Hike

16th Mar 2021

If you are anything like those who love the great outdoors, as the weather begins to warm up, you will probably be planning a summer day hiking adventure. After all, there is no better way to enjoy the beauty of nature with family or friends, or even by yourself, than by heading out on hike into the wild. And if you have been on hikes in the past, you would know how important it is to carry the right gear. Whether you are climbing a difficult hill or casually heading out to a nearby lake, you must always have the proper equipment on you at all times, because they can mean that difference between a small inconvenience and serious trouble if something goes wrong.


The things you bring on a day hike are usually determined by the duration level of the hike, the weather forecast as well as the location of the trail. There are, however, a few things that are a must for all kinds of hikes. Here are some of them:


  • Hiking backpack

    The backpack is probably the most primary piece of equipment you should carry on your hike. For shorter hikes, a backpack that holds around 12 to 20 liters of gear should be enough. If you have plans for multi-day hikes, however, you need something bigger to make space for all the extra gear, food and other supplies that you’ll have to carry.


  • Navigation tools

    No trip to the backcountry is complete without basic navigation tools like compass and map. While it may be easy to for you to assume that your phone will be enough for that, keep in mind that it is an electronic item that can run out of power at any time. Moreover, hiking trails usually have bad network coverage. Also, make sure you learn how to use a compass and map before you head out.


  • Weather-appropriate, quick-drying clothes and hiking shoes

    When you plan your hiking trip, check the weather forecast and pick out the clothes according to the expected conditions. But always carry extra clothes to prepare for unforeseen changes in the weather. Warm layers are recommended. Wear comfortable shoes that are designed to hiking. Additionally, you will need an absorbent towel to soak up all the sweat or to dry your face after a quick wash. Our  Lightload Towels are the best choice as they are small, lightweight and incredibly absorbent.


Our travel-size beach towels are the perfect addition to your hiking essentials as these tiny towels are designed to fit into the smallest pockets in your bag. All you need to do to turn them into full-size reusable towels is put them in water. Browse through our website to shop for our beach towels.